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Simplify Employee Relocation with Our Comprehensive Network of Services

Our network benefits both companies and employees by providing a stress-free relocation process. With our member companies offering essential relocation services, we ensure a seamless transition for your employees.

Why We Do Not Charge a Fee?

The San Antonio Relocation Network is a new type of Corporate Relocation Company, we cut out the middle man!!! Therefore, we do not charge any fee to assist your employee to assimilate to the welcoming San Antonio community. All along, providing your HR Department with updates on your employee’s relocation progress.

The San Antonio Relocation Network has the network of real estate and moving services across the United States and around the globe.  We seamlessly provide your employee an award winning and professional real estate agent to sell your employee’s home while providing a white glove moving experience for a smooth transition to San Antonio.  

Our same network of San Antonio Berkshire Hathaway Realtors will assist your employee for housing needs, whether it is leasing, buying, or even long term stays in luxurious San Antonio Riverwalk hotels…… until your employee has decided on permanent housing.

Management Team

Our Relocation Network is run by our Founders a Texas Realtor and a Moving Executive. Our real estate and moving expertise extends to both domestic and international relocation. Let’s introduce you to our Founders.

James Duerr - President
San Antonio Relocation Network
Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

James has spent years developing a network of award winning realtors across the United States and across the Globe. A veteran podcaster and radio host introducing the public to award winning Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices real estate agents across the globe using the referral network.   Each Realtor, selected personally by James,  is researched and must meet stringent criteria before the real estate agent is invited to be part of the network.  

This group of real estate agents are available for your employee domestic and international real estate needs.

As President of the San Antonio Relocation Network, James hand selects the companies that will be providing white glove concierge service so your employees can concentrate on their job not wasting their family time on researching which utility to use or how to find a family physician. We do it all!!

Rachel Mance : Moving and Relocation Specialist
Executive with Scobey Moving & Storage

Rachel Mance is your Moving and Relocation Specialist, ensuring that your employee’s move will be stress-free and a white glove concierge experience. Rachel is a veteran of the relocation business with over 13 years of hands on moving experience as a former owner and executive of moving companies. As sales director for Appleton Moving Company (Scobey Moving & Storage) , Rachel manages a large sales team while giving every move her personal attention….. often meeting the movers at the delivery of your employee possessions to make sure every detail is perfect.


Rachel & James uses state-of-the-art technology to coordinate with each other and keep track of each and every employee as the employee moves to San Antonio and integrates to the community.  

Our Team Communicates daily with your employee during the moving of employee household items, cars, etc. to their San Antonio dream future home.

Your employee will be introduced to all the essentials of their new life including resources such as banking, schools, hospitals, plumbers and of course a good air conditioning company.

Our Team will provide your employee a electronic directory of companies, contacts, telephone and emails for the services your employee needs.  No wasted time, your employees will have all the essential services at the touch of their cell phone. Our Team is always a telephone call away for any services not listed in our directory.

Your HR Department will save time and money by letting the Relocation to San Antonio Network update your company on moving status of your employee. Let us do the work, we know the community and your employees will be happy that you utilized our Relocation Services.

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Your Dedicated Team

James Duerr :
President - Relocation To San Antonio Network
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - Don Johnson Realtors
(361) 442-4811
Rachel Mance  
Manager Employee Satisfaction  
Relocation To San Antonio Network
Director of Sales - Scobey Moving & Storage Central
Transportation Systems
(281) 763-6369

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